Psychedelic Photos of Soap Bubbles

Bjorn_Ewers soap bubbles photography

Björn Ewers is a an advertising photographer based in Berlin, Germany. His personal series “Orbital” takes a close up look at soap bubbles.

What gave you the idea or inspired you to shoot this series?
‘I’ll got the idea by playing around with my little son and his soap bubbles. They disappeared so fast and I got curious about the funny forms and the rainbow colors on their surfaces. So I wanted to capture them and take a closer look.’

Bjorn_Ewers soap bubbles photography

Did you capture what you were going for in this series in the first try or was there a trial and error period where you had to go back and reshoot?
‘No I mainly got it on the first shoot. I did some fast test shoots with the iPhone at the very beginning while playing with my son. From that I got an idea of how the colors react in front of a light and with a dark background and how the light is reflecting on their surface.’

What were the biggest challenges of shooting soap bubbles?
‘When I was shooting on medium format it was tough to hide all the stuff that was mirroring on the surface. The other problem was to get the bubbles in focus before they disappear or became boring shapes.’

Bjorn_Ewers soap bubbles photography

How did you accomplish all the different shapes that the bubbles form?
‘My assistant created the best bubbles with a bubble sword. It’s a weird toy. It has a trigger at the grip and when you press it, the sword transforms to a triangle with the soap surface inside.

‘We then tried moving the bubble sword in different directions and curves in front of the camera. It was a mess, because the soap was dripping all over the place but great fun.’

Bjorn_Ewers soap bubbles photography

How do you feel about shooting still life objects like the bubbles as opposed to your other conceptual and commercial work?
‘I love both. Working with still life is more silent as you’re extremely concentrated on the little details in order to capture exactly what you have in mind. I can spend hours in front of an object while figuring out and experimenting with beautiful lighting, focus and shaping.

‘My commercial work is mainly with models on location and there is so much more going on. You have a tight timeline, you are directing the models, figuring out the light with the assistant, communicating with the Art Director, dealing with weather issues, etc. I fall asleep instantly after shooting those shooting days but they are great fun and intense as well.’

Bjorn_Ewers soap bubbles photography

This post was contributed by photographer Laura Barisonzi.

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