Cute and Cuddly Tarantulas Photographed by Guido Mocafico

Brachypelma-smithi tarantula guido mocaficoBrachypelma smithi

Through his captivating photos of serpents to fuzzy tarantulas, Guido Mocafico has a knack for making beautiful images of creatures that most people would otherwise care not to think about.

Although Mocafico works for clients such as Numéro, V Mag, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Gucci, and YSL he is mostly well known for his long term personal projects: jellyfish, snakes, Dutch-inspired still life, and the inner workings of watches to name a few. Most all of his projects have been published by Steidl and this work, Aranea, was included in the book ‘Venenum‘.

Mocafico lives in Switzerland and works in Paris and is represented by Hamiltons Gallery in London and Bernheimer gallery in Munich.

Aphonopelma-seemanni tarantula Guido MocaficoAphonopelma seemanni

Avicularia-aurantiaca tarantula Guido MocaficoAvicularia aurantiaca

Citharischius-crawshayi tarantula guido mocaficoCitharischius crawshayi

Grammostola-rosea tarantula guido mocaficoGrammostola rosea

Psalmopoeus-irminia guido mocafico tarantulaPsalmopoeus irminia

Lasiodora-paraphybana guido mocafico tarantulaLasiodora paraphybana

Aphonopelma seemanni tarantulas-photographed-by-guido-mocaficoAphonopelma seemanni

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