Adirondack Park Photographed by Kyle Ford

Kyle_ford_photographySheriff’s Cabin

Kyle Ford is an internationally published and exhibited artist based out of upstate New York. He splits his time between photographing at Adirondack Park and teaching at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. Of his most recent series, Forever Wild, Ford writes:

‘In the 1890’s a boundary of 6.1 million acres in northern New York, known as the “blue line,” was placed under constitutional protection forming the largest park in the continental US. Since then, public land in this place has been governmentally sanctioned as “forever wild.” Currently in progress, these images are a series about the land and inhabitants of the park’.

Kyle_ford_photographyThe Hunter

Kyle_ford_photographyBoat Launch at First Snow

kyle_ford_photographySt. Gabriel’s

Kyle_ford_photographyRoadside Swamp with Beaver Lodge

Kyle_ford_photographyNicholas, On Bigelow Road

kyle_ford_photographyThe Flood

Kyle_ford_photographyFrontier Town

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