Toronto Photography Auction to Benefit Heather Morton

george_simhoni photographyPhoto by George Simhoni

HMAb (Heather Morton Art Buyer) blog has always been a great inspiration to Feature Shoot and many photographers and creatives around the world. After years of putting out great content (for the sheer love of it), photographers and those in the creative community now have a chance to give back to Heather, who has recently been diagnosed with Fibromatosis, a non-malignant sarcoma which grows aggressively and requires two years of Chemotherapy.

The HMAb fundraiser, which will be taking place on February 5th at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, will include talks by photographers Naomi Harris, Daniel Ehrenworth and Brett Gundlock regarding their latest projects. Work from forty photographers (some of which is shown here) will be auctioned off with all money raised going directly to Heather for medical bills. If you’re curious to know more about Heather’s situation, please refer to ‘Some Good News and Some Bad News’. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased here. If you can’t attend, donations are also accepted.

andrew_b_myers photographyPhoto by Andrew B. Myers

Ian Willms photographyPhoto by Ian Willms

grant_harder photographyPhoto by Grant Harder

jaime_hogge photographyPhoto by Jaime Hogge

tyler_gray photographyPhoto by Tyler Gray

jeff_harris photographyPhoto by Jeff Harris

joanne_ratajczak photographyPhoto by Joanne Ratajczak

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