Salt landscapes

Peru salt Clint McLean photographyPeru salt terraces

Clint McLean is a photographer and photo editor based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is frequently traveling the greater Middle East and occasionally Africa or beyond. Of this series, Salt, he writes: ‘I have been photographing salt for about four years now. In that time I have gone to Ethiopia, France, Peru, Yemen, Mali and many other places to photograph it from the places it is harvested. My salt project started out though as a fascination that something so mundane and overlooked could come from landscapes so amazing. The project has now evolved to become a landscape based comment on grand beginnings having humble endings – and vice-versa – simple things that hide majestic pasts. The salt work is also in a subtle way about myself. The documenting of the salt also serves as document of my travels and provides a focus for my trips. These salt adventures are as much for the love of travel as they are for the photos’.

Yemen salt Clint McLean photographyYemen salt ponds

Israel salt Clint McLean photographySalt near the Dead Sea, Israel

Bolivia salt Clint McLean photographySalt in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Yemen salt Clint McLean photographySalt mining, Yemen

Senegal salt Clint McLean photographyLake Rose, Senegal

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