Alina Rudya, Kiev, Ukraine


Alina Rudya is a photographer living and working in Kiev, Ukraine. Of this series, ‘Soviet Women Dreaming of Future’, she writes, ‘The full name of this series of self-portraits is “Soviet peasant woman dreaming of her bright capitalistic future.” I was born in the era of perestroika and didn’t live during Soviet era that much. Nevertheless, my image abroad, no mater how hard I try, is always impacted by my Soviet background. People are either joking or seriously think, that I’m different because I came from Ukraine. Even my foreign friends jokingly call me “red” or “soviet.” I love traveling and I feel myself very cosmopolitan. But every time I’m applying for a visa to travel to EU I feel myself as a Soviet peasant woman who wants to benefit from Western capitalistic wealth. So I created this series, because I wanted to show the stereotypical exaggerated view of me in the West’.







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