Joshua Scott depicts Marc Jacobs’ Lola perfume through confetti


Joshua Scott is a still life photographer who lives and works in New York. This series, Marc Jacobs Lola, won 1st place in the 2009 APA Awards. Of this work he writes, ‘For the past couple years I have been shooting many cosmetics images for commercial application. After shooting so many fragrance products they began to all blend into each other one after another. They were all a liquid in a bottle. Although the bottles changed shape and the scent changed smell visually the basic concept was becoming stale. Therefore we decided to shoot the fragrances without actually shooting the fragrance product as it is package for commercial consumption. From this idea we designed a series of images to represent intangible qualities the perfumes possess. This series was inspired by and depicts the new Marc Jacobs Lola perfume. We attempt to photograph the product without actually photographing the product but rather the ideas and emotions that combine to create the product. The intangible qualities that are the essence of any physical product are reinterpreted and expressed here in this series of images’. The project was conceived with help from by my partner Yee Wong of 52kilo design.





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