Liz Cockrum, San Diego


Liz Cockrum was born and raised in Chicago, IL. After earning her BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, Liz moved to her current home in San Diego to nurture her passion for surfing. Through photography, Liz seeks to reveal little-seen elements of environments, cultures, and people to her viewers. Her current body of work, Sirens, focuses on female surfers in Southern California. She states, ‘My intention with this body of work is to celebrate the courageous and innovative females who are pioneering this shift towards a more positive, open surf culture. These images speak to broader ideas related to women in modern society, the power of determination and sub-cultures within a larger community. Through portraits, landscapes and details I want to focus the viewer’s attention on the individuals who are an integral part of a unique culture’. When Liz is not photographing, you can find her surfing, cooking, dabbling in mixed-media arts, or making plans to travel abroad. Her work is represented by Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, California.






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