Chloe Aftel, Los Angeles


Chloe Aftel was born and raised in Berkeley, CA. She went to the University of Southern California for an MFA in Film Production in 2002 with the hope of creating new worlds filled with beauty and emotion through the medium of moving pictures. Her education showed her that the insight and control she sought was not possible in large-scale movie-making. During her free time she decided to experiment with staging still photos that told the types of dramatic stories she envisioned. In the process, she taught herself to shoot, light, compose, and print her own images. Her photography initially consisted of one-frame movie stills, but it evolved into less production design-heavy, but still highly evocative, scenes with a strong narrative. She prefers to shoot with Polaroid film. With each shot and each subject, she strives to capture an effortless sensuality and intimacy, focusing on the precise moment the image took place.







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