Rivkah Young, Duesseldorf

Born in Cologne and a graduate of Art & Design at the University of Essen-Duisburg, Rivkah Young was most recently a part of the Academy Meets Photokina group exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Of this series, Welcome To Paradise, she says: ‘No other term inspires our dreams and expectations as much as paradise. In order to declare this, humans create special places, at theme parks, shopping malls and urban residential complexes. Visions of something different — a tropical rain forest or African Savannah — are also created at the zoo or at water parks. The look of an urban place becomes a scenery-like projection of our visions’. In these photos, Young takes the viewers on a journey across a constructed and staged space. which are reflected in the surface of the image, as well as in the mirrored facades of modern architecture. Vision and reality, future and past, melt into a scenery of longings.

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