Jinyoung Yoon, Seoul

Jinyoung Yoon studied photography at Arizona State University and is now based in Seoul. Of this project she says, ‘I seek what is at the boundary of grotesque and beautiful. The ambiguous feeling that is both repulsive and attractive at the same time, reminds me of the predicament we face in everyday life including the relationships we get involved in. In “Metamorphosis II” my focus is on the life of discarded things that are left out because they are unedible. The fleshes of fish and octopus are removed and the rest are cut into pieces, but still the sense of liveliness remains. The intestines and the cut out eyeballs have the texture and color peculiar to natural living organism untouched by human hands’.

‘In order to collect the material to be photographed, I look into the waste baskets at the fish market and try to save creatures that catch my attention. The act of handling the fish is similar to that of cooking or dissecting it; however my intention is to visually react to what is left and remember that they once lived and they were worth living’.

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