A Masked Named Maggie’s Photographic Travel Diary

Ofer Wolberger is the recipient of The Humble Arts Foundation’s Spring 2008 Grant for Emerging Photographers. His photographs have been exhibited around the world, most recently in Tim Barber’s Various Photographs as part of the New York Photo Festival, and in Young Curators, New Ideas, at Bond Street Gallery in Brooklyn. Of his (Life with) Maggie photo project, he says: ‘Maggie has a unique style and personality. She travels around the contemporary world, but is attracted to sites with a slippery sense of time. Like the typical tourist, Maggie poses in front of objects and environments that suit her temperament, befriends the local people and visits iconic historical sites. Throughout her journey, Maggie collects memorable snapshots for her archive, in a sense constructing an identity through the photographs’.

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