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Photo du Jour: A Stunning Stallion With Hair To Die For (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Marc Vonstein

After a 16 year career in fashion photography, Squarespace user Marc Vonstein shifted his focus to animals—more specifically horses, and has combined his new subject matter with a sensibility not forgotten from the fashion world. Here he captures Nanos, a Haflinger (stallion) during an international Haflinger stallion show in Lubbeek, Belgium. Vonstein jokes that Nanos was busy styling his hair for the photo—we do admit, he does look fabulous.

Check out more of Vonstein’s horse photography on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: School Portrait (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Sarah-Marie Land


Class is in session with St. Louis-based photographer and Squarespace user Sarah-Marie Land‘s recent project, School Portrait Series, in which she explores identity, youth, education, and class system. By way of friends and Craigslist ads, Land photographed young students from different schools around the U.S. in their uniforms and domestic spaces. While each young student has a certain uniqueness to them, the series as a whole evokes a striking sameness—a universal nod to youth and its signature exploration, awkwardness, and innocence.

Check out more of Land’s School Portrait Series on her Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Sculpture for a Photographer

Charles Traub

Rimini, 1989. Image courtesy of Charles Traub/Damiani.

It was the 1980s and American photographer Charles H. Traub was amidst Italy’s colorful and cultural backdrop on many a frequent visit, snapping everyday moments in the charming cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples. Candid, lighthearted, and spontaneous, Traub’s images show us an outsider’s view in admiration. Here he happened upon quite a relevant sculpture of the Italian-made Officine Galileo camera in the city of Rimini. The sculpture has since been cleaned of graffiti.

Damiani just released Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s this month, bringing Traub’s photos from Italy together for the first time since the mid-80s. Traub will be doing a book signing at ICP in New York on April 18th and at Paris Photo LA on April 25th, 2014.

Photo du Jour: ‘People of Soho’ (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Peter Zelewski

With its vibrant mix of culture, arts, and mesh of both rich and poor living in its residential areas, central London’s Soho district makes for a prime spot for a portrait project, and is just where photographer and Squarespace user Peter Zelewski set up shop for his project, People of Soho. Here he stumbled upon fashion stylist/art director Silvanna Judith Lamber and snapped this striking portrait. Over the project’s two year span, Zelewski has captured over 100 local characters, approaching them randomly on the street and placing them in the middle of the many unique Victorian alleyways and narrow streets characteristic of the area.

See more of People of Soho on Zelewski’s Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Home Alone (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Ben Marcin

House and home have been the focus of Baltimore-based photographer and Squarespace user Ben Marcin‘s work for a number of years now. He captured the image, Morgan County, CO, while on a road trip last summer through both the western Nebraska prairie and the high desert regions of eastern Colorado, in search of ‘solo’ houses. Stumbling upon a tiny wooden frame house on the edge of the Pawnee Natural Grasslands in northeastern Colorado, Marcin records its simple existence, noting that, “while the house and its surrounding environment are decidedly austere, there is also present an almost otherworldly serenity that must have given hope to a landowner now long gone.”

Check out more of Marcin’s work on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: ‘Tomb Sweeping Day’ Honors the Dead

Francois Trezin

The Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is a Chinese festival in which families visit the gravesites of their ancestors to pay their respects. Inspired by the long-standing tradition that was just celebrated on April 5th, Shanghai-based photographer Francois Trezin crafted this gorgeous gravesite installation complete with a bountiful mix of sacrificial offerings of paper money and the departed’s favorite foods and wine. On this day, people are also known to fly kites and carry willow branches, as the day coincides with the onset of Spring.

Photo du Jour: Hummingbirds Mid-Flight and Pre-Sugar (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Nils Ericson

Brooklyn-based photographer and Squarespace user Nils Ericson captures a duo of hummingbirds mid-flight and pre-nectar as they hover around an enticing feeder at a friend’s farm in South Carolina. Ericson says he knew he wanted to photograph the hummingbirds after admiring them many a morning while drinking coffee on the porch. Figuring that his camera wasn’t fast enough with the available sunlight to capture those furiously flapping wings, Ericson decided to light the scene with two strobes he placed at a 45 degree angle. As the birds circled the feeder, he periodically pressed the shutter, rendering this whimsical result.

See more of Ericson’s work on his Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Mumbai Skyscrapers Amidst Slums

Alicja Dobrucka

Wake up everyday to a spectacular view of the blue sky romancing the sea. Come home to beachside joys.

Polish, London-based photographer Alicja Dobrucka documents the changing landscape in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, in her recent series Life is on a New High. Dobrucka takes a close look at the city’s construction boom and the 15 “supertalls” (buildings over 980 feet), the hundreds of skyscrapers, and thousands of high-rise buildings currently being built. Already, there are over 2,500 high-rises in the city. Dobrucka explores the contrast between these monster, luxury structures (of which most are residential) and the slums that surround them. To drive this irony further home, she cleverly pairs her photos with real ad slogans attempting to lure Mumbai’s newly rich or up-and-coming middle class to these properties.

Work from this series is included in the group exhibition Restate at London’s Art:I:Curate through April 17, 2014.

Photo du Jour: An Unhappily Ever After Snow White (Sponsored by Squarespace)

Dina Goldstein

Snowy, from Fallen Princesses, 2008.

Vancouver-based photographer and Squarespace user Dina Goldstein‘s series Fallen Princesses strips beloved fairy tales of their “happily ever after” motifs to reveal some hard to swallow alternate endings—”failed dreams, pollution and ocean degradation, war, obesity, the extinction of indigenous cultures, cancer and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth.” Here Goldstein unveils the life of Snowy in a Snow White-meets-Stepford wife version of the story—our main character bound by domesticity, complete with too many mouths to feed and a prince that is less than charming.

Check out more of Goldstein’s fallen princesses on her Squarespace site.

Photo du Jour: Circus Cats Backstage

 Rene van der Hulst

We’re not gonna lie, we were worried this was some sort of kitty vending machine, but it’s actually a shot of a cat’s version of backstage, captured by Amsterdam-based photographer Rene van der Hulst back in 2002 at the Hoogvliet Circus near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The cats were part of an act by a dwarf duo that had trained the cats to do a myriad of tricks. Van der Hulst happened upon the stars of the show just before going onstage, and was quite taken by the surreal nature of these felines waiting to perform—he assured us, too, that these little guys only spent a short time in their backstage quarters.