Intricate Photomontages of Famous Landmarks

paris-tour-eiffelEiffel Tower, Paris

German photographer Thomas Kellner has been producing large-scale works that piece together monuments, palaces, museums and landmarks in a signature style that he has been perfecting for years. There is a method to these intricate fragmentations; they are made up of horizontally placed film strips that include an incredible number of individual photos side by side. Each photo was shot through the camera in a way that varies slightly from the next. Kellner’s film strips become the new capture; a new image all together that he then makes a contact print out of.

Kellner reminds us of the craft in meticulous and creative process, supplying us with undulating reconstructions that we can’t help but see with kaliedoscope eyes.

london-big-benBig Ben, London

Thomas-Kellner1Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

paris-notre-dameNotre Dame, Paris

Thomas-Kellner1The Cathedral of Brasília, Brazil

Thomas-Kellner1Tower Bridge, London

photoville fence

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  • Grant

    Pretty sure that last one is not Brooklyn Bridge. Unless it relocated to London 150 years ago…