Remnants of Abandoned Star Wars Sets in Morocco and Tunisia Reminiscent of Ancient Ruins

Rä di Martino

Italian, New York-based photographer Rä di Martino rouses the Star Wars fan in all of us in Every World’s A Stage, a series of photos of the abandoned Hollywood sets constructed for the epic George Lucas film. Martino spent over a year traveling throughout the desert towns of Morocco and Tunisia, exploring these massive structures that stand almost like ancient ruins. Martino found the juxtaposition of these cinematic byproducts with the actual ruins existing in these towns quite fascinating—and we do too. What’s not intriguing about the remnants of an otherworldly place amidst a worldly one?

Rä di Martino

Rä di Martino

Rä di Martino

Rä di Martino

Rä di Martino

via Phaidon

International Street Photography Awards

  • What would happen if you went there and made a movie using all the old sets? Anyone want to do that?

  • Ken Topham

    Great images, something that probably only ever exists in a hard drive these days.

  • Dew Riley

    They litter the desert and go home? If they saw me drop a used tissue they’d have me arrested for littering/not being green enough.

  • Darth Disappointed

    You, me and an entire generation of disappointed and disillusioned 40 somethings.

  • musterion

    Since Lucasfilms is now owned by “The Mouse”, they’d probably nail you big time for copyright violation if you ever showed your movie. The are such b-tards.

  • FigmentJedi

    The Lars Homestead photos are pretty old. It was recently restored by fans last summer.

  • Barthalomew

    the governments should auction off the movable stuff to fans. make them some money, get rid of the stuff.

  • Rick

    I’m pretty sure none of the Star Wars films were ever filmed in Morocco (though Morocco was scouted as was Algeria for Return of the Jedi). Only Tunisia, Death Valley, and Yuma (Arizona) were used as locations for Tatooine as far as I know.

  • The Lars Homestead has been restored!!!!!!!!

  • francesca cravatta

    The star wars sets I think were just in Tunisia, the photos she made in Morocco are not shown above–they are of different movies. the star wars have 2010 as shooting date so must have been done two years ago maybe before restauring–

  • Jessie

    I know that there have been people who have gone out there and gotten parts of those sets and brought them back state side. This was during the 80’s. I don’t know if they would let you do that anymore.

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