Quirky and Original ‘Big Hair’ Collages

The photographs I make are a response to the visual culture around me. I often lay the scrap photos out on the table and arrange them like specimens to be examined. I come from a background in painting and art photography, and examining the minute details of a place are particularly important to me. These cuts and pieces act out simple narratives and call into question what entices us into the picture plane.—Trey Wright

Dallas-based photographer Trey Wright intrigues us with his quirky and original series, Big Hair. These creatures came to be when Wright was shooting a series of similar collages and a wig leftover from an abandoned project fell off the wall into his shot. He was immediately inspired by the combo of the three-dimensionality of the wig with the flat quality of his cutouts. Wright likens his Big Hair characters to the multifaceted components unique to individuals.