Project Amelia


Twenty-eight-year-old photographer Amelia Coffaro has recently been diagnosed with Stage III Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Like many freelance photographers trying to make their way in New York, she is currently uninsured.

Project Amelia, set up by her friends, has created a fund in order to raise money for her treatments which began yesterday and are sure to be expensive.

I don’t know Amelia personally, but as you can see by her work she has great talent. She is described by friends as “strong, beautiful and hard-working”.

You can help by sharing Amelia’s story and by donating money through GiveForward which will be used to help cover her medical expenses.

The work shown is from Amelia’s series Pretty Little Things.





  • Hasi

    Wow! She sure has talent. But does she only take photos of women? Too bad.

  • Albin

    America’s health care system is a sin, inconceivable only a few miles north of this photographer. If she lived in Montreal or Toronto she’d have no problem paying for treatment.

  • Chris

    So sad. If she lived in England all treatment, for everyone, is free. Why does USA thinkits so “advanced” when this can happen in 2013

  • Michael Sidney

    I think it’s really sad too. The same goes for New Zealand where I live. Have breast cancer? No problem. Treatment is free for you.

  • You are all right! I am with Project Amelia and it is ridiculous that the state of health care in the US, especially for the uninsured. So many artists included. We hope to keep Amelia focused on getting well – not the financial burden. Please spread the word on the Project if you feel it! Thank you! Follow our progress and events on Twitter: Project Amelia @ProjectAmelia

  • Cancer battle like Amelia’s can bankrupt families. It is such an injustice. And Amelia is one of those people who is always volunteering to help those less fortunate than she. She just completed a year and half long project producing stories about youth when they age out of foster care in the NYC area. Another major injustice. It just feels so wrong. Please help if you can. Tweet, retweet, donate!

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