Portraits of Modern Day Witches, Healers, Spell Casters and Visionaries

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyElwinga, a Druid

Women of Power is Warsaw-based photographer Katarzyna Majak‘s series celebrating the spiritual women living in Poland. Ranging in ages 30-80, Majak’s subjects are modern-day witches, healers, Wiccans, Druids, spell casters and visionaries, channeling the pagan and shamanic beliefs of their ancestors. Intrigued by these unconventional spiritual paths existing within the predominantly Catholic country, Majak traveled throughout her native land collecting portraits and stories from 29 women. Her resulting images catalog a variety of wise and powerful practitioners, standing solid with their talismans and tokens of choice.

Majak is represented by the Anzenberger Agency.

Katarzyna_MajakBea, the one who listens to the woods

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyJoanna, leads women’s circles and ceremonies for women

Katarzyna_MajakNatalia, an artist

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyKasia, an herbal healer

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyKasia Emilia, the one who is

Katarzyna_MajakEnenna, a Wiccan

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyLarhetta, practitioner of the left hand path

Katarzyna_Majak_photography Maria, a healer and a visionary.

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyParaskiewa, a whisperer

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyVrede Volva

Katarzyna_Majak_photographyAnna, a whisperer

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  • JOanne

    Where are You Ladies LOCATED.

  • Ooooh pagans from my ancestors native land. Hello from a Polish girl in USA ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Donellacandra

    Well, the article says throughout the countryside of Poland. So they are probably not necessarily on this site to answer more specifically.

  • TheRedOne

    I have been thinking of an identical project!
    As a Pagan, I cannot thank you enough for these amazing and honest portraits ๐Ÿ™‚

  • michelle

    becoming wiccan soon, any advice?

  • Janus

    The legend of those photographies are twisted : wicca is a New Age invention so it cannot be a Polish traditionnal practice. This claim to be connected to the roots is a fantasy, not a reality.
    Anyway, those portraits are an interesting anthropological testimony.

  • Shelly Tracy

    A beautiful group of WOMEN!

  • Patricia F. Husmo

    Wonderful….beautiful women!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  • Love love love! the beauty of each goddess, each woman’s energy captured in these beautiful portraits, thank you it was wonderful to see. Blessings to your and yours~mambo

  • Ilona Lovas Kwiatkowski

    All you have to do is look at their eyes….

  • Karen

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  • amazing photos! thank you.

  • I feel really resonant towards Maria. Wish I could learn from her

  • Piper Harrow

    A worthwhile endeavor in portraiture!
    By the way, Janus, being rooted to ancient tradition isn’t necessarily genetic or geographic, and migration and the mixing of races DOES occur in the world…

  • anita

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  • Mystie

    I love that this artist chose to photograph these women in natural light with white backgrounds. She didn’t force them to pose aside stereotypically evil or wiccan ornaments, colors or context.

  • Wicca isn’t necessarily New Age. It’s revivalist. รsatrรบ isn’t Polish either, is much less so than Wiccan practice, which could be quite Polish because the specific folk beliefs involved can vary quite a bit…

  • Focus on mythology before magic! Avoid love spells and curses!

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  • Yulin Masdakaty

    Is that just me or they really looked like game characters or some jobs thing in fantasy-adventure stories? ๐Ÿ˜€

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