Photographers Nude Self Portraits Blend Beautifully with Environment

Original Sin is a series of self portraits captured in a variety of exposed landscapes by San Diego-based photographer Catherin Colaw. Meditative and still, Colaw’s images are explorations of women and the sacredness of their bodies; they are also expressions of vulnerability. Colaw works alone in these environments, her self portraits becoming individual performances. While she blends her body beautifully within the natural backdrop, there is an equal feeling of separateness and dismemberment.

Catherin Colaw

Catherin Colaw

via iGNANT

  • Craig

    Absolutely stunning. Such an interesting and refreshing way to depict the nude.

  • wow. really well done!

    i was expecting just another one of these dime a dozen photographers who take naked photos of girls and make them look all vintage and film-esque, because they think having a girl naked and making it look like film makes it all cool and artsy and gets you a ton of followers on instagram. (ramble)

    but, hats off catherin. these are great!

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