Empty Yet Intimidating ‘Corridors of Power’ Photographed by Luca Zanier

USA / New York / 4/24/08 / UN General Assembly

Zurich-based photographer Luca Zanier‘s aptly titled series Corridors of Power captures a spatial representation of the places where minds meet and decisions are made. The spaces vary—some grandiose, some more covert—and all seem to comment on the reality that the worldly decisions that shape our collective identity eventually lie in the hands of a few. The empty rooms feel supreme, otherworldy, almost intimidating. They stand like futuristic monoliths, quietly waiting for the power players to convene.

Corridors of Power opens together with Richard Ross’ Juvenile in Justice at Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna on March 14 and will remain on view through April 30, 2013.

Frankreich / Paris / 3/27/08 / French Communist Party PCF

USA / New York / 2010 / UNO Economic and Social Council NYC

USA / New York / 4/24/08 / UN Security Council

USA / New York / 4/24/08 / UN Trusteeship Council NYC

Frankreich / Paris / 3/17/08 / CGT (Confederation generale du travail General Confederation of Labour) French communist trade union


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