Portraits of Hollywood Film Star “Dubbers”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Angelina Jolie”

Dubbing is big business in non-English speaking countries. Did you know for instance that Vincent Cassell is always used to dub over Hugh Grant in his movies?  London-based photographer Jorn Tomter has done this fascinating study of the people behind the German voices who are regularly used to dub over the world’s most famous film stars.

Jorn-Tomter photography“Seth Rogen”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Kirsten Dunst”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Scarlett Johansson”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Tobey Maguire”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Diane Keaton”

Jorn-Tomter photography“Samuel L Jackson”

This post was contributed by Sophie Chapman-Andrews, Head of Art Buying at McCann London

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