Parisian Men Photographed in Their Stylish Surrounds

Baudouin Irié, fashion designer, FrenchIrié, fashion designer

A young performer stands beside books and records piled high, his clothes scorched for reasons unknown. A fashion designer gazes stoically at the photographer’s lens while a toothy reptile lurks near his feet. Holding his skateboard, a sociologist returns to the room he lived in as a child.

These are but a few of the captivating scenes Reims-based photographer Baudouin has been capturing for years of his life. A well-known and admired portrait photographer in the French media, Baudouin has long been interested in observing and photographing Parisians in their natural, everyday habitats. In this sense, perhaps, he is like an anthropologist with a very nice camera.

An exhibit featuring some of the photographer’s recent work, 75 Parisiennes, Baudouin will run through December 1st at Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière in Paris.

BaudouinNicolas, performer

Baudouin Jean Philippe, artistJean Philippe, artist

Baudouin Xavier and Gaspard, DJ, ELLEXavier and Gaspard, DJ

Baudouin André, artist, WADAndré, artist

Baudouin Philéas, babyPhiléas, baby

Baudouin Franck, actorFranck, actor

This post was contributed by Megan Ramirez.


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  • komiska

    Franck’s room rocks! love the lamp !

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