Becoming a Woman: Striking Side-By-Side Portraits of Teens and Transgender Women

Charlie-White photography

As part of a multi-year project called “The Girl Studies,” Charlie White photographed teen girls between the ages of 12 and 14 side-by-side with male to female transgender adults. In each image, the paired individuals stand out against a non-descript background, making their similarities in appearance all the more evident. Ultimately, the mini-series is a comparative study of two paths toward womanhood, one biological and the other surgical/chemical in nature.

Photographer and filmmaker Charlie White has had his work exhibited internationally since 1999. Currently, he lives and works in Los Angeles.

Charlie-White photography

Charlie-White photography

Charlie-White photography

Charlie-White photography

This post was contributed by Megan Ramirez.

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  • The Denver Diamond

    If my name is kristy and I want to be called amanda please call me amanda even though it is not what I am. It is treating me in the manner I wish to be treated. Unless you dont mind people calling you little bitch instead of your chosen name. If some one wants to be referred to as one thing that in no way demeans or belittles you or another person to not do so is extreme disrespect. Calling me kristy would be insanely disrespectful.

  • The Denver Diamond

    Basically it is about treating people they way the want to be treated. We should all try this. Treat every one how THEY want to be treated and they should all do the same for you.

  • Jay

    Firstly, most people I have met who want to be referred to as something other than their real name or a nickname have some problems anyway, generally they don’t know who they are in more ways than just their name and I often believe they are just trying to slap a new name on the same old troubled person in the hopes it will help them. If it does, good for them I guess, most cases I’ve seen it doesn’t. However, There is a pretty big difference between calling someone an insult, and calling them their actual name unless they had particularly cruel parents. We could all make up new names and false identities for ourselves, but you know … a lot of us are still reasonable people who are okay being ourselves and just don’t wanna be forced to play along in someone elses delusional ego building roleplay.

  • The Denver Diamond

    Nope nope nope. You call me by my real name after I specifically asked you not to do so IS an insult. The reason why it is an insult is because if I have requested that you call me something that does not in any way demean you or others but you refuse to do so you have shown complete disregard for me and how I wish to be treated. It is an indirect way of telling the person “I dont give two shits about you or your thoughts or your feelings I am going to do what ever the hell i want, call you what ever the hell i want and there is nothing you can do about it”

    It is about treating people the way they feel comfortable being treated. And guess what, My name is nicole but if you call me that there is a good chance i will scold you. I was heavily picked on and people used that name to do it. It might seem like a normal name to you but for me it is not, it is a badge of shame. Changing my name has not changed WHO i am it just makes me feel better to never hear the name Nicole again. I told you this as a way to say it is not up to you to make the judgement of what a person should be called. Every one has their reasons and every one has their demons and i think it is cruel to not call a person by a name that they wish to be called by. There is a REASON behind everything people do and those reasons are not always clear to any one else besides the person with the reasons.

    Dont be deliberately disrespectful in an attempt to push your views of who they are on to them. Who they are is up to THEM to decide, not up to you or me.

  • Jay

    I’m sorry you are the kind of person who is so weak you let others make you uncomfortable with your own name. People tried to pick on me for my name too. Guess what? It’s still my name, I own it and I smacked a few heads to keep it. You are quite obviously one of those troubled people I mentioned earlier. Grow a pair, get out of your victim mentality and don’t redirect your anger at others because you are not happy with yourself, ya wimp.

  • policywank


  • Charles

    Its something how THE ONLY place these transgender bimbos feel that they are meant to be the opposite sex is in THEIR HEAD!!!!! If they were to have a relation with the opposite sex LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE , then they would emd reproducing…LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!!!! Get that thru yall “freak of nature” way of thinking, NO COMMON SENSE brains!!!!

  • Northernbaygirl

    The bigotry and ignorance in some of these comments makes me shudder, people have the right to live their life in whichever way they feel is best for them (obviously as long as this does not involve anything that would pose a threat to others). Live and let live folks.

  • Sascha616

    cis or trans women are women. I totally know what you’re saying here and it is a constant facepalm through the back of the head and then some. I would not care less what ‘gender’ anyone, then again I’m inter so have the best/world of both and neither ‘world’. It blows people’s minds, people who are queer, trans, cis, whatever do not get inter and want me to choose a side. NOPE. Sorrynotsorry.

  • lagrange1772

    They do, you tool.

  • AntiPoliticallyCorrect

    there is a world of difference between a woman who can’t have children do to fertility issues and a “woman” who never had a uterus or ovaries. this isn’t rocket science. There is science and biology based logic for these labels. they aren’t a novelty. stop with the semantics. same reason why a hermaphrodite isn’t a man nor a woman.

  • Lorra Allen

    it was also meant to be that humans possess some level of intelligence….perhaps you may want to educate yourself on exactly what transgender is and stop being such a pervert and assuming it is about sex

  • The L

    there’s no meant to be. there’s only is and isn’t. capitalizing it doesn’t make it true. However let’s say there is a “meant to be”. Wouldn’t these people who can’t reproduce, yet have existed for thousands of years be exactly that? Meant to be? Food for thought for an uneducated bigot.

  • Robert W

    can we put the shit back into the horse or is it too late they removed these “conditions” from the dsm in like volume III and we prob procuring a sixth edition if nit not out already which is worse sex delusion or god delusions both should be put back into dsm for review political correctness doesn’t fix the truth. IS it ok to be female in the brain and phyically a male isnt that what left brain vs right brain is how a person percives the world around them and the stimulus response system

  • Robert W

    buffers for overpopulation maybe like i heard it as high as 10% in some animal species to be homosexual and then there is the snail who changes sex somehow at will or is just hermaphroditic?

  • Bailey Summers

    The classic Radfem 1st gaslight as Cis women will tell you there’s no right answer. But suddenly if trans there has to be one.

  • cfgregory

    I don’t see how it matters if someone is born male but identifies as female. It doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t take away from my identity of female. If you say you are a woman, I will call you sister. There are greater problems for us to argue over then this.

  • kelley

    Well said! While I am a straight married woman, I knew a young Transgender man/woman. He started out an awkward boy who looked like maybe he was gay. As I got to know him he started to know who he was and what he should be. He was very open and would answer any questions I had. He was maybe 12-13 years old. He had started hormone testing and found out that he had a very high level of female hormones
    ( he had felt feminine his whole life). He started to wear makeup and colour and style his hair, and dress like a girl. He also became a lot happier. The young girls that grew up around him were his friends and accepted him easily ( they were all in a sport toogether). I did lose track of him when he quit our sport, but I hope his life will turn out well for him.
    Don’t judge people until you have walked in their shoes. Life isn’t easy for anyone, especially not them. Being a Christian I was raised to believe that it is not my place to judge. What you look or dress like is not what makes you a good person, who you are does. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you may miss an excellent story :)

  • The L

    probably not as with disease, parasite load, inter and intra specific competition, and stochastic events ranging from climate change to meteorites there’s more than enough factors to keep population down.

  • The Denver Diamond

    I am not cis… Never have been never will be. I still maintain that there is no right answer.

  • Robert W

    If thats the case then why do they need hormone replacement therapy?

  • Robert W

    Aren’t souls incarnating into either sex if one accepts the gnostic/new age approach.

  • Robert W

    Some people would say they are being phonies , a shim , they don’t act like the women I know more case then not they all can;t be like Bailey Jay. I think some trannies(pejorative or term of endearment?) I sometimes think people choose that lifestyle why does it seem like a mental illness in a great majority of them have we even known a tranny that is over 60? moree often then not they look like female impersonators badly done im not buying it for some of them that wouldnt be a pure medical condition ihmo when it just a desire or they wouldnt need hormone replacement therapy would they ?

  • Iva Radenkova

    I really like your point of view and your comments, but… biologically the damn HORMONES that control the chemistry of the brain is predetermined and controlled by the gender, so, yes, from a biological perspective one can indeed “feel” like a man or a woman… otherwise evolution wouldn’t work at all!
    (P.S. Dear republicans, don’t let mi get started on evolution with dumb ass comments)

  • The Denver Diamond

    I do assume that your genetics play a role in your hormones… Also I produce high levels of male hormones myself… Even have a beard to prove it BUT I dont feel like a man, i dont feel like a woman, i feel like a person.

  • The Denver Diamond

    I think you took from what I said something that I was not saying. I took a different name to cut ties from people that I dont want any ties to.

  • Beth Powder

    Yes, it’s okay to identify as a woman if you were born in the body of a man. We’re not put here to be the property of others. Or to live up to the standards or expectations of groups of total strangers.

  • josephKing

    Please, do and think and feel as you please, and try to put a smile on your face as long as it does not interfere with me putting a smile on my face. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Live and let live

  • Multifoiled

    A poster on this thread said:

    ‘Being born a woman does not make you a woman. This because what a woman
    is and isn’t changes, depending on the place and time you are born in

    Let’s break this down and view the real logic or lack of, behind the posters comment above.

    If we replace the word ‘woman’ with the word ‘cat’ for example, let’s run with that, then the statement reads:

    ‘Being born a cat does not make you a cat. This because what a cat
    is and isn’t changes, depending on the place and time you are born in

    Basically you cannot decide to become something you are not. You can try and build an illusion sure, but it’s not a literal change at all, it’s still only psychological and/or cosmetic at best. No more than a cat can actually un-be a cat. I’m not buying in to any of this.

  • Jimmy

    What is the point of this? No boozums makes jack a dull boy — I mean at least show the trannies bazoonkas right?

  • marya kiselova

    You are brainwashed by a program which has taken hostage of your soul and put you to sleep in the dream. Set your soul free and wake up, caged bird.

  • marya kiselova

    Yes! We are here to be ourselves whatever that means to the individual. Constructs do not define us! They are just a creation! Nothing is set in stone.

  • marya kiselova

    I have just come across this island of consciousness on the landscape of the internet world and based on these comments and based on the momentum of the ebb and flow of my life at this point in “time”, I feel the magnetic pull to comment. I am an intersex person. The existence of intersex people entirely invalidates the false binary construct that has been setup to categorize and define human experience as it relates to sex, sexuality and gender. Intersex individuals are people who are biologically born with bodies that are not typically male or female. There are a wide range of intersex conditions. I’ve been seeing a lot of ignorance on this page. It’s ignorance because there are clues all around us at all times which point to the fact that what we’ve been told about reality as a whole is not actually true. There has been quite an effort to silence and erase experiences which do not fit into the mold of the false reality which has been created specifically to control us. Why control? Because, darlings, the mind is a powerful thing. We’ve got the power and we’ve had it all along. The root word contained within the word ignorance is IGNORE. By choosing to deny and ignore what is real, one continues to buy into the lie which is enforced on a daily basis as a mechanism for control. As someone who lives an intersex experience, I want to wake up (and I WILL because it is the WILL of the divine) in a world and reality that acknowledges all aspects of itself as being real, valid, valuable and worthy of existing on equal footing. Can you imagine … existing as a unique expression of the divine as we all are, but being erased? To have to hide because everyone is brainwashed to not see you? The full erasure of intersex people permeates everything in this reality including birth certificates and ID cards. There is no I option. It is simply M and F. The erasure goes as far as forcing intersex children into surgery to “correct” their bodies as they say, but really it’s to erase their existence. To the asshole above preaching about biology or whatever … GUESS WHAT, HONEY. BIOLOGY INCLUDES INTERSEX PEOPLE SO YOUR ENTIRE POINT IS BASED ON MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS AND IGNORANCE. Let’s start seeing everything for what it actually is and not in the way that we’ve been conditioned to see it.