Men at Lunch: Behind the Iconic 1932 Photo of Immigrant Workmen Perched High Above NYC

“Men at Lunch” will premiere at DOC NYC 2012, New York’s Documentary Film Festival on November 10, 2012.

  • Jim Carney

    Anthony John Carney, Sr is the Ironworker in the middle. He was my father. He was 2o yrs old when the photo was taken. Despite the presumtion of the film makers, he was not an immigrant. I have written to the O`Cualain brothers who made the film and to thw NYT who had an article, but have not been able to get the email of John Anderson who wrote the article where I first saw the story of the film. The brother’s responded to my tweets, one invited me to the premier in NYC. Would love’d to see the film and talk to them, but I am in Nor Calif and the film showed the night of when I got the invite. They did not respond to my my information. I have evidence that it was my Dad. Would just like to set the record straight about the truth about the iconic photo. Jim Carney

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