Dear Photographer: How Can I Get Appointments with Gallery Owners and Curators?

I’m an editorial photographer that has recently completed a few personal/fine art projects that I’d like to get out to gallery owners and curators.  What is the best way to go about this?  I live in New York.—Anonymous

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  • Alison Zavos

    Just got an email about this course offered at CCNY (

    Advanced Directions: Straddling the Fine Art / Editorial Dilemma

    Instructor: Martine Fougeron

    Five seminars
    Tuesdays: Oct 9, Oct 23, Nov 20, Nov 27, and Dec 11.
    All seminars are from 7pm to 10pm.
    Cost: $300 ($270 CCNY members)
    Admission is subject to portfolio review. This seminar course is limited to 10 people.

    Class Information:
    Martine Fougeron, known for her fine art portraiture of her teenage sons and their friends, and also for her editorial portraiture for The New Yorker, New York, and the NY Times Magazine, will offer a seminar for advanced photographers who are producing a body of personal work that is considered fine art and presented in galleries, while also wanting to work editorially. How does one balance these two intentions? Are they in conflict? How can one think commercially while also making subjective decisions in one’s ongoing work? How does one make these two avenues of production complement each other and work to the photographer’s advantage? The three-hour class will meet in CCNY’s studio and will look in depth at two student’s work per session, helping the students build a stronger fine art/editorial body of work. This course is for the advanced photographer who has obtained a degree or has the equivalent in development and experience and who has produced a body of work or is well into the production of one. Guests will be invited to help in the critiques.

    Instructor Bio:
    Martine Fougeron began her Téte–á–Téte project in 2005 as a student at the International Center of Photography. In this series of intimate portraits of her two adolescent sons and their friends in New York and in France, she reveals the face-to-face engagement of the mother-photographer with the private world of two brothers and their teen tribe. Curator and critic Charlotte Cotton has called the project “one of the best biographical stories that photography has crafted in the 2000s.”

    Fougeron was born and reared in France and studied at l‘Institut d‘Etudes Politiques de Paris and then at Wellesley College. She has been living in New York and working as a photographer for the last ten years, having turned to photography after a successful career as a Creative Director in the fragrance industry. Téte–á–Téte was presented at Peter Hay Halpert Gallery in New York in 2008 and at the Gallery 339 in Philadelphia in 2010. Fougeron has also done editorial assignments for The New Yorker, The New York Times Sunday Magazine and New York Magazine. Her website is

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