Portraits of ‘Preppers’ Readying for the Apocalypse


Emil Hartvig, a documentary/art photographer based in Copenhagen, recently returned from the Midwest where he photographed ‘preppers’ in their homes and surrounds.  Preppers are those who are actively preparing for the end of the world—for society as we know it to collapse. These men, women and children study survival techniques as well as store weapons, ammunition and food in order to ready themselves for the end of modern society. They have varying beliefs on how the world will end including nuclear war, terrorism, natural disasters and/or economic collapse.








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  • Solidspine

    I am a survivalist at heart but not in reality,
    It takes a lot of money to be a survivalist
    And that’s just the beginning to do it right,


    The survivalist will be the only people left after Armageddon

  • Nikolay

    Now days people have the freedom to believe in whatever they like, but you can’t blame this group of survivals that they lost hope and trust in the official bodies that are governing us.
    On the other hand these some very nice images with lots of context and consistency in the way the story is been told.

  • Doc

    WTH? None of these photos have anything to do with ‘preppers’…

    A guy wearing a messager bag? An American flag upside down? (It’s a universally accepted distress signal) I am not sure what that hairy thing is or what it has to do with anything. Same for the kid sitting on his couch or the picture of an obsolete spy plane that hasn’t been used in 20 years.

    The castle parapet is nice. There’s a guy near where I live that built an entire medieval castle with multiple parapets. He’s eccentric, not a ‘prepper.’

    If someone is counting on the BB gun saving them, they’ve got more problems than missing insulation.

    The culvert ‘bunker’ isn’t new. A church in SW Montana built a $2 million ‘bunker’ out of culvert pipe and crawled into it when their ‘prophet’ predicted the end of the world. They weren’t ‘preppers,’ they were deluded…

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