The Empty Chairs of Manhattan-Based Psychotherapy Professionals

Saul-Robbins photography Union Square, 2005

Initial Intake examines the chairs and office surroundings of Manhattan-based psychotherapy professionals from the point of view of their clients. From this vantage point I wish to reference the perceptions, associations, and responses to this very private environment, and the work that takes place there.

For many, the role of the psychotherapist holds significant weight, and the importance given to him/her is one of profound influence in many of our lives. Viewers are encouraged to consider the inherent personality in each of these environments, and the place of power being held, quite literally, across from them, on a regular basis.

I am particularly interested in the existence of a dyadic relationship between practitioner and client, one not always considered in traditional modalities of treatment.

My immediate family is made up of psychotherapists. This work stems from a life-long interest in psychology and the desire to effectively understand and resolve long-term challenges by examining patterns within personal and familial history. This project grew directly out of my response to one particular therapeutic relationship and the necessity of questioning the efficacy and treatment of working with that practitioner.

New York photographer Saul Robbins is interested in the ways people move through, relate to, and occupy their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy; and his photographs are motivated by personal experience and observations of human behavior.

Saul-Robbins photography Upper East Side, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Union Square, 2005

Saul-Robbins photography Columbus Circle, 2006

Saul-Robbins photography Columbus Circle, 2006

Saul-Robbins-21Upper West Side, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Greenwich Village, 2008

Saul-Robbins20Upper East Side, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Upper West Side, 2006

Saul-Robbins photography Upper East Side, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Midtown, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Flatiron, 2007

Saul-Robbins photography Union Square, 2008

Saul-Robbins photography Upper West Side, 2008

  • AC

    A very compelling concept for a project.

  • Albin

    All look pretty comfy, but the chairs and indeed the offices set up surprisingly different situations for what one imagines are very intense experiences – it’s the variety that’s interesting for those of us who haven’t been closer to a shrink than those episodes of the “The Sopranos.”

  • “Upper West Side, 2008” would be my favorite. But from my experience it’s good if you do not sleep on chair… Psychotherapy session is not always hypnotherapy session.

  • ss

    the artist imbues this typology with more meaning than the fotos are really suggesting. not very compelling…

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