Dear Photographer: I Need Help Finding Self-Publishing Resources for My Photo Book

I’m currently looking to publish a book of my black and white street photographs and don’t know where to start. I have the images ready, but will need some help with the layout. Was thinking of going with a ready-made template (or is that cheesy)? Any resources that you can recommend would be appreciated. —Anonymous

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  • I believe editing requires an experienced eye and I have used Paula Gillen at

  • Jason D.

    I have come across some stunning Ready-made templates that might interest you.

    This company prints high quality books which you can actually give it a go. They are reviewed as Photobook Canada in Digital Home Thoughts Take a look.

  • If you are looking for professional layout services and self-publishing (complete publishing) services, we can help you out.

    You can contact us directly via our website or the provided email.

    Hope your project goes well and hope we can be of help. Have a great day.


  • Our company specializes in working with authors who need self-publishing services. Our goal is to help you benefit from a low unit cost so you can profit with sales to all your different channels.
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  • Steve,
    I’m very interested in self publishing a high quality
    Photography book. I’m thinking 1,000-2,500 press run.
    I’d like to discuss.

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