Breathtaking Photos of Deep Sea Creatures by Mark Laita

tasselata-eel Mark LaitaTasselata Eel

Internationally award-winning photographer Mark Laita has focused his vast technical and artistic expertise on the creatures of the deep.

In Sea, with cutting-edge photographic techniques, Laita unveils the full splendor and otherworldliness of the ocean’s inhabitants. Rippling reflections, stark backdrops, and surprising angles lay bare the astonishing beauty of the life that teems under the water’s surface.

Jellyfish Mark LaitaJellyfish

golden-butterfly Mark LaitaGolden Butterfly

green-chromis Mark LaitaGreen Chromis

Red-Feather-Starfish Mark LaitaRed Feather Starfish

Richmond-Wrasse Mark LaitaRichmond Wrasse

hanna-goby mark laitaHanna Goby

starfish Mark LaitaStarfish


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  • Sally Lea

    A truly fabulous collection of photographs.

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