X-ray Fashion Photography by Nick Veasey

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion
British photographer, Nick Veasey uses industrial X-ray machines to discover what makes up the natural world and highlight the surprising, inner beauty in some of the most common objects.

Veasey got the idea to use X-ray machines for art while dating the daughter of a truck driver who was transporting thousands of soda cans, one of which contained a prize worth 100,000 pounds. He rented an X-ray machine from a local hospital to find the winning can. Although he was unsuccessful, he credits this moment for sparking the idea that launched his career.

Due to the high risk of working with radiation, Veasey custom built a concrete structure to contain it. To get his pictures, subjects are placed on a lead surface with film behind it. The X-rays pass through the subject and then onto the film where from there he can control the exposure time in a separate room. Once this is complete, the film is processed, scanned and then digitally touched up or colorized.

Veasey doesn’t actually use any human subjects, as they would have to endure radiation for about 12 minutes. Instead, when a model is needed, he uses skeletons in rubber suits or cadavers that have been donated to science.

In this fashion series, Veasey focused on finding an antidote to the “obsession with appearance” by revealing the beauty within. Veasey’s work also comments on our society’s increasing paranoia and control by security and surveillance. “To create art with the technology … that helps remove the freedom and individuality in our lives … brings a smile to my face.”

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion

x-ray photography Nick-Veasey fashion

This post was contributed by Feature Shoot editorial intern Jennifer Kaye.

  • Really nice pictures/idea. I like the hat and the orange suit the most, can’t believe the truck driver actually rented the x-ray machine trying to find the winning can! Nice post.

  • Joan Sorenson

    How interesting! I didn’t know such photography existed. Very well written Ms. Kaye.

  • Josh Levine

    The whole time I read, I was on the edge of thinking, “gimmick,” but it’s just so darn delightful and interesting! Good stuff.

  • Great! Nice idea and very nice execution. Bravo!

  • This is a very unique motif I love it.

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