Feature Shoot Group Show: Self-Portraits

Beto Ruiz AlonsoPhoto by Beto Ruiz Alonso

Han-KimPhoto by Han Kim

Cheyne GallardePhoto by Cheyne Gallarde

Hugh-HamiltonPhoto by Hugh Hamilton

Kate-PollardPhoto by Kate Pollard

Klaus-PichlerPhoto by Klaus Pichler

Alexis-CourtneyPhoto by Alexis Courtney

Lindsey-KempPhoto by Lindsey Kemp

Michael-ZimmererPhoto by Michael Zimmerer

Nicole-Dee-SimmenPhoto by Nicole Dee Simmen

sara landoPhoto by Sara Lando

fabiano_busdraghiPhoto by Fabiano Busdraghi

Sara-DiamondPhoto by Sara Diamond

Rebecca CairnsPhoto by Rebecca Cairns

Chia_Yi_LinPhoto by Chia-Yi Lin

steph cloutierPhoto by Stephanie Cloutier

linhda_tranPhoto by Linh Da Tran

feature-shoot-group-show-self-portraitsPhoto by Jana Maré

Jocelyn AllenPhoto by Jocelyn Allen

Rosalie VillanuevaPhoto by Rosalie Villanueva

Giovanna ChecchiPhoto by Giovanna Checchi

nikolaus jungPhoto by Nikolaus Jung

Amy-ElkinsPhoto by Amy Elkins

Mariam SitchinavaPhoto by Mariam Sitchinava

Sanjin-MalesevicPhoto by Sanjin Malesevic

Alison-TurnerPhoto by Alison Turner

Gabriela-HermanPhoto by Gabriela Herman

Gonzalo BénardPhoto by Gonzalo Bénard

*This show was curated from reader submissions.

  • Wonderful work here! I’m getting inspired.

  • Some very beautifully constructed photos here. I especially like the atmosphere in the last photo.

  • Stuart Mackenzie

    gnnn. I’m going to have to crit one of these pictures for looking like it is badly photoshopped (Sara Diamond) Those crows would be throwing this they just look stuck on, and that may have been the intent, but it just grates a tad.

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