Stunning Photographs of Dancers and Contemporary Circus Performers

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

Bertil Nilsson was born in Sweden and currently lives and works in London, U.K. He creates imagery for commercial and editorial clients alongside his artistic practice and personal projects. In his work, which takes inspiration from movement and the human form, he collaborates extensively with dancers and contemporary circus performers.

Nilsson’s first book, Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist, was published in September 2011.

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography

dancers Bertil-Nilsson photography


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  • Rebecca Getsfrid, Portland, OR Commercial Photographer

    There’s something really neat about images like these. Maybe it’s just me, but the fact that there’s no way in hell my body could do any of these things makes for really neat photographs. Even when I’m shooting particularly athletic kids I get the same thoughts. These people do incredible things, and seeing them frozen by the camera just makes it seem even more incredible.

  • Andre

    Whenever we witness something extraordinary – whether in real life or in photographs – it’s human nature to get drawn in and not be able to look away.

    What makes these types of photos so powerful is that 99.9% of the people who see these images are witnessing something they don’t normally see in their daily lives.

    And there is a powerful lesson in that fact.

    If you want to have images with lasting impact, ones that people walk away talking about for years, show them the extraordinary in the ordinary. The unusual. The world normally unseen.

  • Pelajar Indonesia

    Whoa, nice move, light, and color
    And, there are impossible for my body to do that move, haha

  • Oli

    Wow. Ace colours & posing.

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