Boring Still Life Objects Turned Into Intriguing Erotic Images

Blommers & Schumm erotic still life

Amsterdam-based photographers Blommers and Niels Schumm both studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and started working together in 1998. They operate in a zone between fashion, art and photography, with shifting perspectives, where images move back and forth between different meanings. In this shoot for Baron Magazine, Blommers & Schumm made normal objects appear erotic. ‘It’s nice that people think they are perverts, looking at these boring still lifes,’ they write.

Their photographs have been published in magazines such as Fantastic Man, Gentle Woman, Another Magazine, Purple, Interview, ID, Dazed & Confused and NY Times Magazine. They are represented by mini-title.

Blommers & Schumm erotic still life

Blommers & Schumm erotic still life

Blommers & Schumm erotic still life

  • These are shockingly effective at their intended goal. Once your brain sees it, it can’t unsee it. Subtly impressive work.

  • Conclusive proof that sex still sells?

  • beautiful images.
    wonderful insight.
    fantastic photography

  • Dean

    correction: once your brain see the real image, it’s quite difficult to see the illusion again.

  • Karen Sommers

    I don’t get the second one of the book :/


    like…brain game…exelent…

  • shahnyboy

    Woman’s cleavage.
    It helps to blur your eyes.

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