Kaleidoscope-Inspired Aerial Landscape Photography

Burj-Dubai,-Dubai,-David Thomas Smith Photography

Composited from digital files drawn from aerial views taken from internet satellite images, Anthropocene reflects upon the complex structures that make up the centers of global capitalism, transforming the aerial landscapes of sites associated with industries such as oil, precious metals, consumer culture information and excess. Thousands of seemingly insignificant coded pieces of information are sown together like knots in a rug to reveal a grander spectacle.

Questions of photographic and economic realities are further complicated through the formal use of patterns that have their origins in the ancient civilizations of Persia. This work draws upon the patterns and motifs used by Persian rug makers, especially the way Afghani weavers use the rug to record their experiences more literally with vivid images of the war torn land that surrounds them. This collision between the old and the new, fact and fiction, surveillance and invisibility, is part of a strategy to reflect on the global order of things.

David Thomas Smith is a Dublin based, Irish artist who is a graduate of the University of Wales, Newport, where he obtained a degree in Documentary Photography. Smith hopes to continue developing his photographic practice and pushing the boundaries of his medium.

1000-Chrysler-Dr,-Auburn-Hi David Thomas Smith Photography

Las-Norias-de-Daza,-Almeria David Thomas Smith Photography

Silicon-Valley,-California, David Thomas Smith

Three-Mile-Island-David Thomas Smith

Fimiston-Open-Pit,-Kalgoorl David Thomas Smith Photography

Beijing-International-Airport David Thomas Smith Photography

Las-Vegas,-Nevada, David Thomas Smith Photography

Three-Gorges-Dam,-Sandoupin David Thomas Smith

  • pardon

    eh hmmm….

    seen this:
    a not so unpopular googlemap-toy…

    similar by accident? hope so…

  • Nothing is unique. Everything is derived from something. According to James Bridle, he was inspired by the Rorschach Test and developed this simple entertaining app.

    I was inspired by Afghan war rugs and the ‘Persian’ carpet as a means of recording history. I wanted to break with the traditional European concept of perspective. I began to use this aesthetic in order to draw attention to humanities current situation. (Please read the synopsis to the images as I believe that it states the intentions of the work quite clearly.)

    We both came up with entirely different concepts for different reasons. We did use the same source material and both our sources of inspiration are highly symmetrical. So is it any wonder that we would both end up with a similar aesthetic? Besides it’s not supposed to be about who invented what aesthetic style, the aesthetic is simply a vessel for an idea. What really matters is the core ideas that one is trying to convey through the medium and aesthetic of your choosing.

    People are always appropriating, copying, imitating each other, it’s what we do as human beings, it’s how we learn, grow and evolve.

    Rorschmap July 29, 2011

    Anthropocene – 2010

    D.T.S xxx

    P.S Check this out:

    You’ll be able to see what the final piece actually looks like 😉

  • dtsmith I agree with your comments and loved the images on your blog. Would love to see them for real. Awesome work!

  • thanks free range machine!

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