Dramatic Photos of Urban Free Running

free running photos laura-barisonzi

Laura Barisonzi is a NY-based photographer and director of photography shooting sports, lifestyle, and portraits on location. About this series on free running she writes:

‘This project on the sport of free running, also known as parkour, was inspired by the simplicity and freedom of the sport. The athletes practice the sport without padding or equipment which makes it easier to show the forms and motion. The fact that there is no specific list of rules or official moves is a big part of the spirit of the sport, which is about interacting with and navigating through your environment.

‘I wanted to feature the natural ability of the athletes and capture clean compositions that show the athleticism of the sport as much as possible. While I have shot both moving and still footage as part of this project, I think that the still images really convey the drama and freedom of the sport best’.

free running photos laura-barisonzi
free running photos laura-barisonzi
free running photos laura-barisonzi
free running photos laura-barisonzi
free running photos laura-barisonzi


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  • Sylvie Poitevin

    Beautiful! Powerful images…Excellent Laura Barisonzi! I love them!..

  • Charles Stafford

    Some very nice shots in here.

  • Daniele

    I like your photos very much. Each one seems to stop the time not for a while but for ever. The subjects are alone inside the pictures and that does them stronger.
    Good work, really !

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