Heinz Maier’s amazing photos of water drops

Heinz Maier water droplets

Heinz Maier recently started photographing last year. His main interest is in macro photography, specifically water drops (featured here) and insects. Maier is based in Leinzell, Germany.

macro water drop photography

Heinz Maier water droplets

Heinz Maier water droplets

macro water drop photography

Heinz Maier water droplets

Heinz Maier water droplets

Heinz Maier water droplets

His setup:

Heinz Maier water droplets


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  • John Doe

    Nice shoots.

    But the take a look at the Master of this Genre…

  • Leedslassie

    Magic mushroom sculptures…

  • Matthias Wassermann

    look at his images in 500px:

  • Rob Hann

    Blimey! Those ARE amazing pictures.

  • http://[email protected] laurie seeman

    Wow. Your photos give the alive feeling of – wow this is the world I live in, that I am a part of.

  • kaivalya

    I do hope Hasaru Emoto sees these. They are another view of the life within H20. Stunning, and a great way to start the day (7:08 a.m. where I am). Many thanks to twitter/stephenfry for pointing me to them!

  • thanks for this treat!

    quite weird – can’t say what they remind me of…..!

  • eleanor carlin

    there are no words to explain the true beauty of these photographs.

  • Satyapradana

    hmmm beautiful shoot

  • Gentleman W

    AMAZING DRESS without Women inside !

  • Arunkumar J

    Nice work! keep it up…

  • http://WWW.idom K.A. Francis

    It’s unique and fabulous, a dreem originated.

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