Breathtaking photographs of deadly snakes

Malayan-Coral-Snake-Mark LaitaMalayan Coral Snake

Mark Laita is an advertising and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. This work is from his project, Serpentine, of which he writes:

‘The sensual attractiveness of snakes, which coexists with their threatening, unpredictable and mysterious nature is truly unique. This dichotomy, in which their beauty seems to be heightened by their danger, and vice-versa, is what I find so fascinating. Add to these contradictions the rich symbolism of serpents and you have a wonderfully compelling subject’.

Beautiful-Pit-Viper-Mark LaitaBeautiful Pit Viper

Coral-Snake-Mark LaitaCoral Snake

Emerald-Tree-Boa-with-Babies Mark LaitaEmerald Tree Boa with babies

Phillipine-Pit-Viper mark laitaPhilippine Pit Viper

King-Cobra Mark LaitaKing Cobra

Rhinocerus-Viper-Mark LaitaRhinocerus Viper

Mussarana-(juvenile)-Mark LaitaMussarana (juvenile)

Red-Tail-Boa-mark laitaRed Tail Boa

not a hipster store

  • Jerry D. Elmore

    Philippine NOT Phillipine.
    But great images!

  • Charles

    Can someone say Guido Mocafico…

  • How beautiful they are. If there weren’t poison and death. Impressing! Thank you.

  • Savannah

    The Red Tail Boa pictured appears to be a Suriname Red Tail Boa

  • mon-mon

    i would hardly call red tail boa … deadly.
    deadly handsome maybe…. 🙂

    fantastic shots though!

  • Erin

    The red-tail boa is not venomous/poisonous/toxic, it is a constrictor – it may be deadly to smaller animals, but it’s not deadly to humans.

  • Erin

    and neither is the emerald tree boa, for the same reasons as the red-tail boa.

  • Cris

    Beautiful snakes, but deadly? I don’t know about all of them but I can tell you that the red tail boa and the emerald tree snake are not deadly. Can they bite, sure, are they poisonous, no they are not.

  • Jan

    Red tail boas are not poisonous. Nor are they deadly, except to a mouse, rat or rabbit. Get your facts straight.

  • Jan

    Neither are emerald tree boas.

  • Juanita

    Beautifully photographed. The lighting is perfect!

  • Iman

    How were you able to arrange them in such beautiful arrangements, are they all alive?

  • Prasad.R.S

    its amazing experence to see these different excellent colour snakes. I am ever saw this type in my life. Thanx for giving this opportunity.

  • Lovely pictures. My favorite photo is the coral snake. Its vibrant colors are very attractive to everyone, especially children – that’s why kids sometimes fall victims to these coral snakes.
    ( source: )

    Anyway, thank you for posting these photos. I love them!

  • Coryvreckan

    Mussuranas aren’t venomous to humans either. They are colubrids and specialize in eating other snakes.

  • Andrea

    the tree boa and red tail boa aren’t deadly, they are constrictors which means they squeeze to kill. the others are venomous.
    i love these pics though

  • JMW

    Beautiful shapes and color. No problem with the constrictors not being venomous. Shot some eastern rattlers as well as a host of others for Tiffany and I have to say it was terribly unnerving to be standing over them so to see your great compositions is impressive.

  • Boas and pythons galore

    Instead of complaining about what is and isn’t venomous, focus on the beauty!!! ALL animals are deadly! Even rats, they can carry the plague! Grow up guys…thanks.

  • they were so nice i really liked the pink and green one

  • I agree with these last posts, someone has gone to the trouble getting these really good pictures of snakes for anyone to see free and all some people do is critisise. all I can say to them is, If you cant say nice things about someone or something, then don’t say anything.Get a life!

  • Hercules

    Actually, “Mussarana” is also mispelled. The snake’s name is “Mussurana”.

  • Ronald EM

    Nature is so beautifoul!!

  • Cheyenne

    Red tail boas ARE NOT DEADLY … dumb ass

  • skylar

    emerald tree boas and red tailed boas are not dangerous.

  • ashorty

    Beautiful snakes but emerald tree boas and Red tails are not danderous at all. If they were I wouldn’t own em. Yes the others venemous and highly dangerous, deadly whatever but those 2 arw not. Emerald Tree Boa’s can be a bit fiesty because they live in a tree ,duh, and are in the air. So they are a look and see kinda snake. But i Take my Albino Red Tail out daily. Again GORGEOUS pics!!

  • NPinto

    These are undoubtedly beautiful photos just not of deadly snakes, although most are venomous snakes some aren’t even the most venomous or dangerous while other pose no threat to humans

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