Animal portraits by Morten Koldby

Lemur Morten-Koldby photography

Morten Koldby is an advertising photographer based in Denmark. These animal portraits are part of an ongoing personal project that he hopes will become a coffee table book in 2012. Koldby writes: ‘I started out doing these as a weekend project of four images and it took off from there. It sort of grew on me after I had finished the first images and looked at them for a while. The theme in the series is the almost human facial expressions of the animals, some look nervous, some arrogant, attentive and so on, making it possible to relate to them’.

Wolf Morten-Koldby photography

Tiger Morten-Koldby photography

Silverback Morten-Koldby photography

Bear Morten-Koldby photography

Deer Bear Morten-Koldby photography

Berber Morten-Koldby photography

Giraffe Morten-Koldby photography

Lion Morten-Koldby photography

  • Wes

    What is it with this website and animals???

    Used to love this site but fed up of animals and extreme close ups of liquid etc etc. Boring!

  • Alison Zavos

    Wes, There is actually a very small percentage of liquids and animal photography represented on the site. There are thousands of images on Feature Shoot… some of it you’re going to like and some of it not so much. As I’m sure you well know, it’s impossible to please everyone with every post.

    That said, we love and deeply respect animals and we will continue to post animal photography that we find interesting and inspiring.

  • Wes

    Fair enough – perhaps my comment was a little harsh. Apologies.

    I love animals too (I work at a shelter) I just much prefer the “art” based photography. But as you say that’s personal preferences.

  • Gemma

    The last one says it all – my interpretation would be that the animal looks so beaten down that it’s prob even too depressed to think anymore about how it should be eating the photographer rather than posing for it.

  • Martina

    I love animal photography! But I feel that Tim Flach’s work has conceptualized and mastered this type of animal studio portraiture so much.. it’s quite hard not to refer back to it when looking at this..!

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