Bewitching hair photographed by Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro photography

Daniel Castro is beauty and fashion photographer, based out of New York and San Francisco, who often moonlights as a graphic designer. Of this series, he writes: ‘Having come off a run of interesting but commercial jobs, I was itching to create something more personal and unusual. ‘Curious Caps,’ a collaboration between hairstylist Preston Nesbit and myself, was my elixir. Preston is absolutely brilliant with hair- able to devise elaborate styles out of thin-air, and I wanted to make some slightly off kilter Tim Burton-esque images with an illustrative quality. So we threw some ideas around and landed upon several dramatic hairstyles that each would have an unexpected twist. I also had this image floating in my mind of a model wearing only the collars and cuffs of shirts, which seemed the perfect quirky and colorful compliment to the hair. We changed directions several times during the shoot, with Preston revising hair while I furiously deconstructed garments- but the result was even more intriguing than we could have hoped’.

Daniel Castro photography

Daniel Castro photography

Daniel Castro photography

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  • Victoria Bernardini

    I am so pleased that you are featuring Daniel Castro’s photography. I have seen his work over the years and appreciate his attention to detail, sense of style and artistry.

  • William Hodge

    This is a great personal project, great use of high key pastel palettes along with the collars and posing on their hands!

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