Pets with disabilities photographed by Carli Davidson


Portland-based Carli Davidson is an award-winning photographer and an experienced animal trainer and care worker. She captures the innate personalities of her subjects using her professional understanding of animal behavior. She is a freelance photographer for the Oregon Zoo and works with domestic animals for commercial and fine art projects. She spends much of her photo shoots rolling on the ground with whatever animal she is working with, and encouraging them to open up to the camera. Working at The Oregon Zoo, nature preserves and animal rescues have provided her with the opportunity to care for a wide range of animals, from chimpanzees to rats.

Her photography has been featured in national and international publications, photography magazines, and websites, including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Esquire, BBC, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Photo District News and ABC World News.





  • Pam in TN


  • Carly

    So so beautiful. Love your work Carli!

  • God Bless you for caring and capturing these beautiful creatures.

  • Rose

    These are all so beautiful! These animals shine.

  • Amelia

    Its such a beautiful job! God Bless You for taking care of this sweet creatures

  • Simply beautiful! It’s amazing to see such happy faces on all these beautiful animals! 🙂 Well done 🙂

  • Diana


  • rita evans

    And just think… people dispose of their pets just because they’re too busy, are moving, etc., etc. etc…….. PEOPLE…..PETS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE ITEMS!! THEY ARE LIVING, BREATHING CREATURES!!
    Thank-you for showing that pets deserve a second, third, fourth chance at life! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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