Ryan Pfluger’s ‘Portraits in the Park’ series

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger was born and raised in Queens, New York and now resides in Brooklyn. After finishing his BFA, Ryan received his MFA in Photo, Video and Related Media from New York’s School of Visual Arts. For the last two years his personal work has concentrated on ideas surrounding the representation of man, and more specifically of young gay men. His images deal with the sublety of body posture, the gaze, body types and pushing the role of self-portraiture.

Ryan Pfluger photography

Of this work, he writes: ‘I started Portraits in the Park because I’m always thinking of ways to challenge myself and my craft. I loved the idea of creating an event in a public place where people gather, solely to make portraits. Whether they be of strangers, friends or acquaintances, that information becomes irrelevant in this situation.

‘So far I’ve photographed over 150 people for this project, with at least one more session coming up. The project isn’t just about the process and the reason for the creation of these images, but also the final outcome. I’ve always been a collector through and through. I’ve been captivated by collections and the psychological dysfunction that is now labeled as hoarding. This project is very much about the enormity and scope of the amount of people I’ve photographed. As I’ve done each session I’ve become more and more conscious of photographing more people than I did in the previous…. the need for quantity is overwhelming. While certain images have real weight and power on their own, the culmination of them all is really quite grand.

‘I’ve been making zines of each session of just a selection of 11 images. In the end I am planning on making a self-published book in a limited run of about 500 copies’.

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger photography

Ryan Pfluger photography

  • Mark Kalan

    Don’t you mean Passport Photos in the Park

  • Michael

    Don’t you mean *Hipsters in the Park*?

  • Alison Zavos

    He’s shot over 150 people…I probably just chose the hipsters to feature. *Hipsters in the Park* should be a band name regardless :)

  • Sadly

    I think Ryan’s done some nice work here and I think the project is simple but worthwhile. Sadly, people are quick to criticize. Mark K, you know the saying, “people in glass houses…….”

  • chris sembrot

    Hatters will always hate. Call the project what you will, he’s out shooting and putting together a body of work, meeting new people and putting his art out there.. What have you done, or photographed, today..?

  • Viki Reed

    any chance we can get more EXIF data accompanying these photo spotlights? That and contact info (website, email, agency, flickr stream, etc.?) I love seeing the work of so many vibrant and creative photogs but I want to know how they got their shots and I’d love to know the camera body, the lens, the f stop, exposure, etc….I’d love to have a way to reach out and ask if you can’t post it here.

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