Henry Hargreaves, New York

John Lennon toast Henry Hargreaves

John Lennon

Henry Hargreaves‘ introduction to the photography industry began in front of the camera as he was the pin-up boy for such revered fashion houses as Prada, YSL, Jil Sander and others and worked with the top photographers in the game. Four years ago, Hargreaves settled in New York and began work out of his studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn shooting fashion and still life for clients such as Ralph Lauren, New York Magazine, GQ, NYLON, Boucheron, Marie Claire and others. This work is from his series, Toasted.

Bread toasted by Angela Barrow and Osvaldo Ponton.


Paul McCartney


Ringo Starr


George Harrison


Che Guevara


Jim Morrison

Behind the Scenes:
toast portraits Henry-Hargreaves

Portus Imaging

  • Charles Charley

    This is awesome! And the rest of his work is pretty damn cool also

  • toast is good. beatles better.

  • Matthew Olin

    It’s disappointing that such a cool concept is ruined by the fact that these images are obviously photoshopped together, and there are only a select few different pieces of toast being repeated multiple times to make the larger image.

    What’s even harder to swallow is the fact that there’s a process photo that’s obviously staged. Good idea. Poor execution.

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