Adam Taylor, Sydney

Adam Taylor photography

With recent credits that include LUERZER’S ARCHIVE, 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide, and an honourable mention at the 2009 International Photography Awards, the work of Sydney-based photographer Adam Taylor is driven by ‘creative innovation and storytelling’. This work is from his series, ‘New Frontiers’.

Adam Taylor photography

Adam Taylor photography

Adam Taylor photography

Adam Taylor photography

Adam Taylor photography

  • Carl d

    While this work looks good , if this work is about story telling then what is it trying to say? Can’t really see much more than a layered image..

  • Incredibly crisp!

  • criffy

    I would look at mark zibert’s work before calling this “creative innovation”.

  • Carl D – The work is an interpretation of the Theme given to the artist for the project – “New Frontiers” , the Dynamic of smashing through the Status Quo into fresh unchartered territory.
    criffy – It says that the artist as a whole – is “driven by” creative innovation – this works is from the series “New Frontiers” – Mark Zibert’s work has fluro light tubes smashing around half length fashion models upper bodies – quiet different treatment – very different subject matter.

  • I see a story in these images. Innovators who broke the mold is my take on it. Nice imagery Adam!

  • Thankyou featureshoot for featuring my project – New Frontiers – on your site !
    It is about people that are pushing through the boundaries in the field of advertising -the industries forward thinkers – hence the “smashing through” metaphor.
    Its wonderful to be able to put work out their and that it is noticed by such a very cool site as yours.
    Adam T

  • carl d

    ART- just like Mark Zeiberts work the bulb is being smashed around the subjects. If it’s about breaking through then shouldn’t the subjects be the ones demonstrating that they are breaking the bulb? Instead they sit passively, or perhaps stoicly, while a bulb is smashed over them. Doesn’t seem like the actions of a forward thinking person.
    Adam- hope you don’t mind the discussion of your work…

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