Exploding electronics photographed by Khuong Nguyen

Khuong Nguyen photography

Khuong Nguyen is an editorial and commercial photographer and designer based in Paris. Some of his clients include Wallpaper, Christian Louboutin and Virgin Radio. This work is from his Tronified series for Amusement Magazine.  Nguyen is represented by two.p.

Khuong Nguyen photography

Khuong Nguyen photography

Khuong Nguyen photography

Khuong Nguyen photography

  • flipflipmeheidi

    Fantastic, Lovely!

  • Tuvie

    Wow, did he really break the products into pieces to get these great shots?

  • Juergen Buergin

    Fascinating work, so funny, so weird, great!

  • coaster

    I have that white phone – it looks nice but is rubbish to use. If the photographer needs to smash any more phones he can use my set, they’re going in the bin anyway.

  • JAy

    Ha ha, i too have those white phones, and a set in red. They are truly awful.

    Look great, and by a great design house. But both sets stopped working after 9 months of fuzzy noisy, intermittent operation. Very poor sadly.

  • JAy

    Meant to also say how awesome these pics are, would love to know more about how they were created.

  • Leo

    Brilliant, congratulations

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