Sung Yeonju’s photographs of high fashion made out of fruit and veggies

Sung Yeonju photography


Sung Yeonju was born in Korea in 1986 and graduated from the Hong Ik University in 2010. This work is from the series, Wearable Foods, in which she makes garments out of food and photographs them. As a fine artist, she fell in love with photography as a main tool and a medium to create her visions. ‘Wearable Foods’ is the first long term project she started two years ago and it still continues to this day. This series of her work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, the functionalities, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives. The essence of clothing and food has been reinterpreted. Each element does not fulfill its own role and yet, each suggests an unconventional and even contradicting role – un-wearable clothing that is made out of the materials that do not last. This work will be shown for the first time in the U.S. this January at a gallery in Los Angeles. Yeonju is represented by Art-Merge.

Sung Yeonju photography

Winter Mushroom

Sung Yeonju photography

Bubble Gum

Sung Yeonju photography


Sung Yeonju photography

Winter Mushroom

Sung Yeonju photography

Lotus Root

Sung Yeonju photography


  • Fantastic concept really well executed. Puts Lady Gagas meat dress to shame!

  • aicharealsun


  • Ann Nguyen

    Adrian said it best.

  • Tiffany Walton

    Amazing. I think the eggplant dress is delightful, I wish it would last longer! It would be nice to see how it looks when it dries out or rots.

  • Amazingly beautiful, Is the bubblegum really made of bubble gum? Because it looks like a painting.

  • very nice!

  • Christina Yamazaki

    This is just wonderful, love the work. Wish I could wear the lotus dress.

  • Looks like an wonderful to wear that..I Like this shots..Thanks for the post..

  • these are amazing

  • Inspirational! Love Lotus Root best.

  • Eat your heart out, Gaga!

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