Opulent private jet interiors photographed by Nick Gleis

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis has photographed over 800 private aircraft — ranging from the Lear 20 series to Boeing 747-400s. To date, he has photographed over 200 Gulfstream aircraft alone. Gleis has provided photographic images for Heads of State and Royalty world-wide – including such countries as United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dubai, Cameroon, Johor, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Jordon and China. His expertise lies in photographing the most exclusive, world-class private jet aircraft, including both exterior and interior photographs of a very diverse range of VIP aircraft and helicopters. Gleis has recently been invited by Martin Parr to exhibit at The Brighton Photography Biennial. You can read more about Gleis and this series on Raw File.

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis photography private jets

Nick Gleis photography private jets

  • jude

    The decadence displayed in these photos is absolutely revolting, i hope that is the intention of the work!

  • Andrew

    Money can’t buy taste, clearly.

  • These are such hideous interiors, but I can’t look away. It’s like looking at a car wreck. Ugh.

  • beautifully done- not easy getting a good shot in a jet that gives that feeling of spaciousness in a confined area…

  • Mentalcritic

    These are shamefully ostentatious – borderline grotesque, even. I can perfectly appreciate a want for excess and ultra-luxurious comfort when one’s privileged enough to own a private aircraft; but, for God’s sake, don’t attempt to outclass classiness itself. These appear to have been created by somebody who thought that stretching Art Deco to the limits of its definition and mixing it with 1950’s Sci-Fi fascination, Las Vegas penthouse glitz and general douchebaggery would be a good idea. This, you severely-clueless rich tossers, will only get you laid by Snooki.

    Do it right. Call Ralph Lauren Home and tell them to do it with some trademark restraint and elegance. Then, my flush and liquid friends, and only then, will the nubile Swedish honeys come running in droves, you sick bast**ds.

  • Chris

    The footprints in the carpets bug me. I would have had them vacuumed and not let anybody walk on them.

  • These pics are amazing. i will share them on my blog here:

  • szore88


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