Kai Wiechmann, Berlin


Kai Wiechmann was born in 1969 in Cologne, Germany. After stints in London and New York he is now living and working in Berlin. He has worked for editorial clients including Blackbook, Casa Brutus, Intersection, Sleazenation, Tank and Viewpoint along with top advertising clients including Delta Airlines, Ikea, Citibank and American Express among others.






  • This photography is truly unique and alluring. I feel like the photographer uses the limits of the lens to actually see more than what we might see with the human eye by focusing the eye of the lens in uncommon ways.

  • His work has a very fresh feel to it…

  • Alva Burroughs

    I love photo #1, family on the ground with baby resting her head on dad, this is truly an amazing shot. I just love it.

  • Florencio Wiechmann Mena

    Mi padre era de Lubeck , Alemania. Me gustarìa saber que parentesco hay por su apellido, mi padre se llamaba Florenz Wiechmann Hass

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