Theme Friday: Dogs in the bed

Meredith_Allen Photo by Meredith Allen

Aya_Brackett Photo by Aya Brackett

Jonathan_Levitt Photo by Jonathan Levitt

Gustav_Gustafsson Photo by Gustav Gustafsson

Allison_V_Smith Photo by Allison V Smith

Shannon_Johnstone Photo by Shannon Johnstone

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  • Angela Datre

    They’re all great but I love Jonathan Levitt’s! Great timing.

  • Paul

    I follow your blog since while and I really love most of the pictures. I was just surprised that you have a post about dogs in beds and there is no whippet (little greyhound) up front? they are “designed” for bed one might think!

    still love that post

  • martina

    Wonderful pictures! Everybody tells me that their dogs never sleep in their beds – HA! I dont believe a word…(mine always used to sleep there!)

  • Portsmouth Photographer

    Allison V Smith’s shot is great especially with the painting above the bed- Grant

  • cris ronk

    Sadly, my dos kicked me out of my bed. Now I have to sleep on the floor… if I’m lucky.