Simon Willms, Toronto


Toronto-based photographer Simon Willms’ recent series ‘Minor League’ takes us inside the world of talented young ballplayers in the Dominican Republic. The images capture the determination-and vulnerability-of boys who have grown up with dreams of making it in the big leagues.  Willms documents a pivotal point in their lives that pause between childhood and adulthood-when everything is still possible. The formal portraits offer fascinating insight into the boys world on the island, where they live and where they play. The final compositions are spare and direct, brought into focus with an old Graflex four-by-five camera.









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  • TakadanoBaBa

    This series is a great job’s ! the frist picture send me back to the 50’s


  • Darrell Lecorre

    very captivating series. nice work

  • slick jefferson


  • Dwayne D.C. Tucker II

    I enjoyed the images. I came here from your twitter.

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

  • raafi

    I had seen this post months ago, but I keep coming back. haunting images.

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