Portraits of Men with Mustaches


Alan Powdrill is an advertising photographer who lives and works in London. This work is from his photo project, Tashmen, which explores “the huge growth in the numbers of men now adorning facial decor once considered nowhere near cool”. Tashmen was recently shown in The Times Magazine. Powdrill is represented by Friend & Johnson (US), Vue (UK), and Anne Marie Gardinier (France).







  • I enjoyed these photos … thanks

  • Jude

    I am not to sure about the whole ‘tash’ thing really…….. although these are very nicely sculptured and I don’t have to kiss them !!!!

  • I wish I could grow one like these. Shucks!

  • kitty

    I really love mustaches. yippie! horray!

  • nice idea for a project but i would expect better lighting from an advertising photographer, these look like outtakes from a portrait workshop. and yes, i think lighting makes a huge difference and so does consistency and these could have elevated this series past an afterthought if they were done with more care.

  • Sylvie Poitevin

    I love these ! Fantastic Mr Powdrill ! 🙂

  • Check out the ‘stash’…

  • I took this portrait myself.. If it’s not up..look for the posting ‘Changes’..You’ll be quite surprised. It takes a man to grow a mustache..

  • Having had a ‘stache for many years (semi-walrus style) I had a great laugh whey I shaved it off and wondered who I was looking at in the mirror. Never going back there to the ‘stache again. Having said that, I think think the introduction of yellow light in the images, from the left, is an interesting technique.

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